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The best never rest, and neither do threats. Whether you’re a Program Manager, Procurement Specialist, or end user, the key to success is staying ahead of the curve through continuous training. Our courses are custom-tailored for different agencies. We cut out irrelevant details and focus on the scenarios you’re likely to face.

All courses are delivered in a hands-on format by experts who have lived—and survived—what they teach.

  • Receive course credits
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James Stavridis

Keynote Speaker
ADM. James Stavridis, USN (Ret.)

Virginia Beach Convention Center – Ballroom

July 10 | 0900


A distinguished leader and longest-serving global combatant commander in recent American military history, James Stavridis provides answers and strategies to address the most pressing global affairs challenges.

Admiral James Stavridis served as the 12th dean of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University since its founding in 1933. A retired 4-star admiral in the U.S. Navy, he led the NATO Alliance in global operations from 2009 to 2013 as Supreme Allied Commander with responsibility for Afghanistan, Libya, the Balkans, Syria, piracy, and cybersecurity. He also served as Commander of U.S. Southern Command, with responsibility for all military operations in Latin America from 2006-2009. He holds more than 50 medals, including 28 from foreign nations. In 2016, Admiral Stavridis was vetted as a Vice Presidential candidate by the Hilary Clinton campaign, and after the election was invited to meet with President-Elect Trump to discuss a cabinet-level position in the Trump Administration.

Earlier in his military career, he commanded the top ship in the Atlantic Fleet, winning the Battenberg Cup, as well as a squadron of destroyers and a carrier strike group – all in combat. Admiral Stavridis earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in International Relations and has published six books and over two hundred articles in leading journals around the world. His 2012 TED talk has over 700K hits, and he speaks Spanish and French. Admiral Stavridis is a monthly columnist for TIME magazine and Chief International Security Analyst for NBC News. He also joined The Carlyle Group as an Operating Executive and serves as the Chair of the Board of Counselors of McLarty Global Associates. His focus is on innovation, strategic communication and planning, and creating security through international, interagency, and public/private partnerships in this turbulent 21st Century.

HUMAN RESOURCES: Leveraging Your Strengths
Jul 10 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

In this session, you will learn the theory behind the four most common communication styles, identify your preferred communication, and learn how to adapt your style to improve communication and decrease conflict to get better performance results.

Kristin Holt

Kristin Houle

ADS, Inc.
Director, Talent Management

Kristin has over 10 years of corporate and government experience in training and leadership development and most recently has served as the Manager of Organizational Development for PRA Group in Norfolk, VA. Kristin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University.  Kristin is also a certified instructor with Crucial Conversations, Situational Leadership, Communicating with Insights Discovery, Performance Improvement, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers, People Leaders as Career Coaches, Leading for Results, Korn Ferry’s Leadership Architect and 360 Assessment, Brand Me, Influencing for Results, and Creating an Inclusive Environment training programs.

C4ISR: Counter UAS—The Rise of Commercial Threats
Jul 10 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Unmanned Aerial System’s (UAS) availability, affordability, and technology has surged. As unfriendly individuals, groups, and countries gain access to this technology, the need to develop useful countermeasure systems that are versatile, scalable, and available today, continues to rise. This course helps attendees carefully consider potential roadblocks to procuring effective solutions in a timely manner.

Creighton Holt

Creighton Holt

ADS, Inc.
UAS Strategic Business Development Manager

Creighton Holt serves as the ADS UAS Strategic Business Development Manager, assisting Naval Air Systems Command, United States Special Operations Command, industry-leading UAS and CUAS manufacturers, and ADS teammates in the requirements, procurement, and sustainment of UAS and CUAS. Creighton began his employment at ADS in 2011 after retirement as a Commander in the United States Navy. During a 20 year career, Creighton flew H-3 helicopters, F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornets- including flying the first combat missions of the war on terrorism into Afghanistan in 2001 from the deck of the USS CARL VINSON. He also served as a squadron Maintenance Officer and Operations Officer and a flight instructor. Creighton selected as an Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer while serving as the Chief of Air Requirements at United States Special Operations Command- working airborne ISR and tactical lift requirements and acquisitions for national and theater special operations forces. He also served as the USN’s Joint Strike Fighter Sustainment and Logistics Requirements Officer. Creighton is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, the USAF’s Air Command and Staff College, and the Joint Forces Staff College.

CONTRACTS: Rapid Acquisition in Times of Crisis
Jul 10 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Recent crisis’ such as the Austin bombing, Vegas shooting, natural disasters, and rapid deployments, all have one thing in common—equipment was needed and FAST! Equipment that the DoD, military and federal agencies otherwise wouldn’t have or need access to. From Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) and service-specific contracts to tailored solutions, learn how ADS leverages agile and flexible procurement solutions to meet your needs in a time of crisis.

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson

ADS, Inc.
VP, Contract Management

Mr. Anderson joined ADS in 2003 as a key member of a staff of only 15 people. He has served in various functions throughout his career at ADS and currently has overall management responsibilities for the Company’s contract performance. Mr. Anderson has 10 years of experience in government procurement of operational equipment and prior to coming to ADS, ran another military sales business unit serving the Hampton Roads Navy and Marine Corps community. Mr. Anderson oversees both the management of ADS’ long-term contracts and the approval process of short-term contracts that are awarded on a daily basis.

HUMAN PERFORMANCE: Control Stress Response
Jul 10 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Did you know evolutionary mechanisms designed to cope with stress can strangle performance? In this session, participants will learn about the physiology behind feedback loops that exist between the brain and breath, how the body reacts to stress, and practical tools to redirect behavior patterns in high-stress situations.

Rob AoB

Rob Wilson

Human Performance Specialist

Rob Wilson comes from a formal education in manual therapy with 15+ years of experience as both a practitioner and teacher. He resides in Virginia Beach, VA with this wife Thomi where they have owned and operated CrossFit Virginia Beach since 2006.

In the past decade and a half, Rob has had the good fortune to work with an enormous variety of athletes ranging from amateur, nationally and internationally ranked athletes in everything from powerlifting and sailboat racing, to individuals in the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Program.

Rob truly enjoys working with the tactical communities of the U.S. Armed Forces. Over the course of his career, he has had the honor to help serve many active duty service members and veterans, through both his private human performance consultation work and through groups like the Resiliency Project—which seeks to further the resources available to military groups.

Prior to creating the Art of Breath series with Brian Mackenzie, where they work closely with Stanford Universities Neuroscience department, Rob was an original member of the world-renowned MobilityWod staff under the direction of Dr. Kelly Starrett. Dr. Starrett and MobilityWOD were influential in Rob’s development as a professional in the human performance sector.

Rob is a passionate teacher to the core. Throughout the course of his career as a manual therapist and coach one thing became abundantly clear; it’s better to teach a person to fish. Without education, athletes are left to unknowingly repeat patterns of behavior that may not be pursuant to the actual desired outcome. That is to say, the best remedy is often learning. Rob’s journey is about developing a deeper understanding of human performance to better serve those who wish to actualize their potential.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Building Custom Solutions for Urgent Operational Needs
Jul 11 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Do you have unmet requirements that can’t be fulfilled with existing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) items? Unmet operational requirements occur when a problem goes unidentified, the right solution doesn’t exist, or funding isn’t available. ADS’ team of experts and partner suppliers work tirelessly to research, develop, and integrate new products that solve a problem, leverage existing legacy systems and are easily procurable. In this class, bring your most challenging requirement and learn how ADS’ product development approach can serve you.

Graham Kessler

Graham Kessler

ADS, Inc.
Director of Product Development & Integration

In 2017, Graham Kessler came to ADS from Logos Technologies where he managed all phases of business development for Government research and development opportunities, as well as new and emerging ISR products for U.S. and International customers.

Kessler spent ten years at U.S. Joint Forces Command leading concept development and experimentation (CD&E) activities aimed at crafting future processes, organizations, and technologies. Prior to that, he served five years as an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy, with combat tours in support of Operation Southern Watch and Operation Desert Fox.

In his current role at ADS, Kessler is responsible for identifying, qualifying, and executing new product development and integration efforts within ADS’ core markets. ADS designed this effort to focus specifically on opportunities that support the development of innovative products in partnership with their existing supplier network.

CONTRACTS: Your Requirement Shouldn’t Scare You
Jul 11 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

ADS’ team of subject-matter experts scout the defense landscape for the latest trends, technology, and equipment to anticipate your needs long before you need them! We partner with agencies to offer quick, efficient obligation of your funds for your equipment requirements in today’s DoD budget environment. Whether you’re procuring strength training equipment or extreme cold weather gear, we are your one-point source for rapid acquisition.

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson

ADS, Inc.
VP, Contract Management

Mr. Anderson joined ADS in 2003 as a key member of a staff of only 15 people. He has served in various functions throughout his career at ADS and currently has overall management responsibilities for the Company’s contract performance. Mr. Anderson has 10 years of experience in government procurement of operational equipment and prior to coming to ADS, ran another military sales business unit serving the Hampton Roads Navy and Marine Corps community. Mr. Anderson oversees both the management of ADS’ long-term contracts and the approval process of short-term contracts that are awarded on a daily basis.

STATE & LOCAL: Adoption of Battlefield-Proven Technology
Jul 11 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

What was once disarming a gunman has evolved into disarming an IED. Law enforcement’s call of duty is to keep innocent citizens safe and that can only be done with the latest technology and equipment. Active shooters, domestic terrorism, the proliferation of drones, and the home manufacturing of illicit drugs are a few examples of why the role of a first responder is even more dangerous than just a few years ago. In this brief lecture followed by a Q&A panel, attendees will learn how this landscape is predicted to change even more in the coming years and how to best equip their teams for the unexpected.

ADS Grotkin

David Grotkin

David Grotkin joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1991 and worked Newton Division. While assigned to Newton, David worked patrol and VICE. After five years with the department, David pursued a desire of becoming a military Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialist. Shortly after training, David left the Los Angeles Police Department for a full-time career with the United States Army. While in the Army, David held every leadership position within EOD and was assigned to various EOD assignments. David has multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, all supporting Special Operations. After a successful 20-year military career, David retired and transitioned into ADS Inc. as a Business Development Manager working with Federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security to help develop equipment solutions. David started to work with State and Local law enforcement shortly after due to his background in law enforcement and as a bomb technician. Today, David is in charge of ADS’ Department of Defense Counter Improvised Explosive Device accounts working with program managers to develop new life-saving equipment solutions.

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