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This event is exclusive to ADS partners. If you’re a partner, login into the ADS exhibitor portal for more information about your booth.


• If you do not have an account, choose the REQUEST ACCESS option at the bottom of the login screen.
• Once you’ve entered the portal, if you do not see a Warrior Expo tab on the left-hand side, please contact your ADS representative.


Can we set up the first day of the show?

To ensure adequate time to fill unused exhibit space, any booths remaining empty at 6pm the day prior to the show will be forfeited and re-assigned. If you are unable to meet this deadline, please reach out to the Andrea Dekker to make alternative arrangements.

The exhibitor hotel block is full. Can you get me a hotel somewhere else?

In order to offer great pricing and accommodations for as many exhibitors and customers as possible, we are in a contract with the hotel which caps our room availability at a certain number. Once that number is reached, we cannot exceed or add more rooms to the contracted room block and it is your responsibility to find a hotel room in the area.

If the exhibitor hotel block is full, can I register in the customer hotel block?

Our customers will always come first, and we will be monitoring the customer hotel block on a daily basis. If you try and register as a customer, we will remove your name entirely and you will be left without a room.

My flight leaves before the show is over on the last day. Can I pack up early?

All exhibitors must wait until the show is officially closed to start packing up. Packing up early will result in an immediate removal of your booth for both Warrior Expo the following year.

May I choose my booth space?

As this is a free show (excluding shipping) for exhibitors to attend. ADS determines your booth size and location on the show floor.

Will Wi-Fi be provided?

Wi-Fi will not be provided. You must purchase your own Wi-Fi for the booth through the convention center or by bringing a reliable hot spot.

Can I grab an extra warrior shirt for my co-workers back at the office?

Each individual is limited to one shirt. At the close of the show if we have left over shirts, you are welcome to grab more for your co-workers.

I’m traveling and would like to bring my family to Warrior Expo. Is this allowed?

Contact your ADS representative about adding family members to your existing registration.

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